ArtiBot Zapier Chatbot

How to integrate Zapier with a free chatbot

Click the "Make a Zap" button

Make a new Zap

Click "Choose an App" on the sidebar

Choose a Zapier App

Choose ArtiBot as your Trigger App

Select ArtiBot in Zapier

Trigger your Zap on a new ArtiBot Lead

Trigger Zap on Chatbot Lead

Connect Your ArtiBot Account

Connect ArtiBot account with Zapier

Go to the ArtiBot dashboard to create an API Key

Get Zapier API Key from ArtiBot

Select the Settings tab and choose the Zapier menu.

Select Zapier Menu in ArtiBot

Click "Generate an API Key" and Copy it

Generate an ArtiBot API Key

Enter your API Key and Choose an Action Step

Enter ArtiBot API Key in Zapier

Update Settings for Your Action Step

Update Action Step

Name your Zap and turn it On

Name your Zap

Create Your Free
Chatbot with Zapier

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