Free Automated Chatbot with Zapier Integrations

Free Chatbot for Zapier

Integrate with Thousands of Apps

Connect ArtiBot with over 1000 apps! Now you can follow up with new leads, add them to your newsletter and track your chat history in your CRM.

Sending up to 100 contacts to other systems a month is free. If you want to have Zapier complete more than 100 tasks per month, they offer several simple pricing options.

Once you’ve connected your Zapier account you can easily connect to these systems and more!

How to Set Up Zapier and

1. Log into your Zapier account, find the Zaps section, and click ​Make a New Zap.

Make a New Zap

2. On the left sidebar under Set up this step click on Choose App.

Choose App

3. Select

Select ArtiBot

4. Next you will choose the trigger you'd like to use.

trigger list

5. Once you've selected your trigger, you'll then choose the account by clicking on Connect an Account.

connect an account

6. Here is where you'll enter an API key that you can find from your account.

Zapier API key area

7. In, choose an ArtiBot, select the Settings tab and choose the Zapier option.

Select ArtiBot

8. Generate a key to connect your account.

Select ArtiBot

9. Back in Zapier, enter your API key and choose an Action step.

Select ArtiBot

10. Now you'll be able to update settings for that app you've selected.

Select ArtiBot

11. Name your Zap and toggle it ​On​ to save!

Select ArtiBot


What’s a zap?

A “zap” is one connection. For instance, connecting to Slack is one zap.

What’s a task?

A “task” is one activity. For example, sending one lead from to HubSpot is a task.

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