Code Messages

The ArtiBot API allows you to develop and execute custom code arbitrarily to process user input in a custom way.

This allows for limitless possibilities like:

  • dynamic branching
  • a/b testing different conversation flows
  • looking up information in an external system
  • custom integrations
  • whatever else you can dream up!


Webhooks allow you to create applications that subscribe to events. When an event is triggered, a payload is delivered to the webhook's configured URL.

For example, you could create an application utilizing an webhook that posts to a Slack channel whenever a new lead is added to


ArtiBot JavaScript API features a number of ways for advanced users to customize their ArtiBot's behavior with the following JavaScript API.

All interaction with the ArtiBot Javascript API is handled through an API object that is written to the window when your ArtiBot snippet has loaded. This object will persist on your page, unless it is manually deleted.