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How to create a free chatbot for Wix

Here is how to add our chatbot to Wix so it docks to the page like normal instead of stuck in an iFrame:

1. Open the Wix website editor

On the left hand side click “Add” select “More” from the side navigation and then select the box that says “HTML code”.

Add HTML Frame to Wix

2. Add your code in the code area.

This will place an blank box in the middle of your screen, Above this box click on “Enter Code” button and paste in the below code where it says “Add your code here (HTTPS only)”.

Insert chatbot snippet to site

3. Pin the chatbot to your screen

Now right click on the HTML box that is currently in the middle of your screen. Select "Show on all pages" and select the option “Pin to Screen” from the navigation menu.

Pin chatbot to the screen

4. Position the chatbot on your site

Click on the bottom right or bottom left corner of the graphic (Depending on where you would like it to sit) then drag the slide for “Horizontal offset) and “Vertical offset” to 0px, You can then close this box and publish your site and your live chat system should now be working.

Please Note: That you will have to resize the HTML box to fit in the chat window when it is opened we found that 400px wide and dragging it to the top dotted line (that gets it to 943 pixels) makes it fit ideally. The width is the important part. The height is really up to you.

Position chatbot to bottom right of Wix site

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