Free Chatbot for Shopify

How to Setup a Free Chatbot for Shopify for Shopify

1. From your Home page in Shopify, go to the Customize theme area and choose the Customize theme button.

Shopify Menu

2. In your theme editor, on the left side panel you will see a Footer option. Click that.

Shopify Footer Option

3. On the next page, from the same left panel, click on Theme actions and choose Edit code. A new page will open up.

4. You will now see a big list of template files you can edit. You want to choose the index.liquid file under the Templates section.

Shopify Footer Option

5. Below where it says {{ content_for_index}} is where you will enter your code snippet for your Artibot.

Shopify Footer Option

6. Save your changes and your shop site will now show your Artibot on the page. Woo!

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